Rental Period;

Minimum rental period is 24 hours per day. It is 30 days in monthly rentals.


Driving License and Age Restrictions;

In car rentals, you must be at least 21 years old and have a 1-year driving license.

If your license year is up, but your age is younger, you can rent a car with young driver insurance.


Issues Included in the Prices;

Damage Liability Assurance, Theft Assurance and taxes are included. Daily km usage limit is limited with the condition that it is 300 km, and for leases of 10 days or more, it is limited to 4000 km per contract.


Issues Not Included in Prices;

Fuel, Personal Accident Assurance, Mini Damage Assurance, One Way Fee, Baby Seat, Navigation, Additional Driver, Bridge, Highway Pass HGS-OGS fees are calculated separately. They are obliged to bring the fuel levels of the vehicles at the level they are delivered to the customer.


Situations Where Vehicle Insurance Is Not Valid;

         Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

         Exceeding the speed limits set.

         To move the vehicle from its location during the accident.

         Receiving incomplete accident detection report, alcohol report and information of the opposite driver.

         Since the key and license are movable goods, in case of the vehicle being stolen, the vehicle is out of insurance due to the fact that these belongings are inside the vehicle.

         Tires, glass, headlight damages other than accidents are not covered by insurance, but can be purchased for an extra fee if you wish.


Vehicle Delivery and Collection Service;

When you have made your reservation, you will be contacted by your phone number provided to us and you will be informed about all necessary information and confirmation of the reservation. You can take advantage of the free pick-up and drop-off service by choosing the hotel region you are in.


Vehicle Return Period;

In case of delays exceeding the return time of up to 3 hours, 1/3 of the rental agreement per hour and one more day is charged for agreements exceeding 3 hours.


Terms of payment;

The total rental amount and security charges are paid by cash or credit card by the person who rented the vehicle, using the payment method at the door. AIVA General Rental Conditions will apply for leases to be made.


Traffic Penaltys;

Any liability arising from non-compliance with the applicable traffic rules and material traffic fines belong to the person who rented the vehicle. Traffic fines that occur during the rental period of the vehicle and which reach us after the tenant has delivered the vehicle are collected from the credit card information given to us by the customer when receiving the vehicle.


In case of a member;

In case of an accident, it is necessary to keep a two-sided accident report in accordance with the shape of the accident without changing the location of the vehicle, or to call the Traffic Police to the scene by calling the nearest police station. Afterwards, it is necessary to call the support line specified in the contact section on


Renting with a Foreign Driver's License;

Our Turkish customers who will rent, if they use a foreign driver's license, must fulfill the following conditions:

- With the licenses obtained from foreign countries, they are valid for a maximum of 1 year after entering our country.

- Those who have been in our country for more than six months have to have their driver's license with a notarized Turkish translation while driving.


 Foreign citizens who will rent, if a foreign driver's license is used:

- With the licenses obtained from foreign countries, they are valid for a maximum of 6 months after entering our country.

- Those who have been in our country for more than six months must have their foreign driver's license replaced with a Turkish driver's license.


Important notes;

           Make sure that the vehicle pick-up form is filled and signed at the beginning of the rental.

           If you want to extend the rental period, or make any changes, please provide information by logging into the website or by reaching the Reservation Center at the phone numbers we have specified.

           Please contact us at +90 541 552 65 86 if the vehicle breaks down during the rental or if you need any support.