How to Book a Rental Car?

Select Place, Date and Time, click Find vehicle ', select your vehicle, click on' Reservation ', enter your details and click' Submit '.

What is Required for Rental?

Driving License, Passport (If Foreign National Is Turkish), Age Limit

How Can I Receive The Vehicle?

* After making your reservation, our customer advisor will contact you with your contact information and provide the necessary information. If you are staying at the hotel, you must come to the front of the hotel main security gate at the time and day of vehicle delivery.

How Can I Return the Vehicle?

* When your rental period is over, it will be sufficient to park the vehicle in the parking area of ​​the Hotel and hand over the vehicle key to the reception. When we take delivery of the vehicle, an informative message will be sent to you.

Can I Buy The Vehicle When I Make A Reservation?

* Yes, if you have provided your contact details correctly when you made your reservation.

What Is Required When Receiving The Vehicle?

* When you come to collect the vehicle, your driver's license, passport (if you are a foreign national) and your credit card will be sufficient.

Can My Friend Drive the Vehicle I Rent?

* Unless you specify an additional driver, you can only use the person written in the agreement, you can add a second driver by purchasing an additional driver.

Is There a Kilometer Limit on Your Vehicles?

* Yes, our vehicles have a daily limit of 300 km, but if you wish, you can purchase additional kilometers for a fee.

How Is Your Price Policy?

* There is a dynamic and variable price policy depending on the instant demand and density in the requested region.

When Can I Get The Deposit Refund?

* If the deposit is received in cash, it will be sent back to your card within 3-5 working days if the deposit is received with authorization from the credit card.

In case of an accident, do you get paid for the days the vehicle spent in repair?

* No, as long as the issues to be done at the time of the accident are not exceeded, within the rules written in the general rental conditions.

Which Insurances Are Included In Your Prices?

* Comprehensive Insurance and Theft Insurance is included, tires, glass and headlights are not included.

What Should I Do If The Vehicle Is Malfunctioning?

* If you give us the necessary information by contacting us from the support line on our website, we help you by organizing your vehicle change.