Terms of Conditions




The RENTER declares and undertakes that it accepts to use the car in accordance with the conditions specified in this contract. The RENTER, who signed this contract, is deemed to have accepted it and all obligations arising from it. All notifications made to the address specified in the rental contract will be deemed valid.


          1-)      A) It will be used by the RENTER or ADDITIONAL DRIVER who has a valid driver's license for at least 1 year, depending on the condition of the vehicle.

                    B) The driver must have passed the age limit specified in the General Rental Information and Conditions.

         C) The persons defined as the main driver or additional driver specified on the contract can use the rented car at the beginning of the lease.


          2-)      A) The Rented Car cannot be used for the carriage of passengers, goods in return for an open or hidden income.

                     B) It cannot be used to push or pull any vehicle or trailer.

                     C) Someone who has drunk alcohol or someone who is not specified as an additional driver cannot use it.

                     D) It cannot be used in private races and motor sports.

                     E) It cannot be used to transport loads in a way that will damage the vehicle.

                     F) It cannot be used on the land or on the mountain, in a way that is not suitable for the purpose of leasing, on places and roads that are not suitable for the technical structure or endurance of the rented vehicle.

           3-) The RENTER shall deliver the rented vehicle, spare wheel, all tires, documents, accessories and equipment of the vehicle as they are received, as well as to the AIVA Car Rental office in the city or place specified in the agreement. All extensions will be applied to AIVA and will be approved. In the agreements extended without approval by AIVA, the parties acknowledged that the RENTER used the vehicle illegally.


           4-) If the RENTER provides the documents (accident report, alcohol report) that must be provided in the contract and legislation regarding the accident that occurred during the lease contract, and brings it to AIVA, it is obliged to pay the exemption fee for the accident with material and moral damage in the amount determined by AIVA. Amounts remaining above this exemption amount will be evaluated by AIVA within the insurance policy limits of AIVA.


           5-) In cases where the RENTER pays the Super Mini Damage Insurance Package; In the case of damages below a certain amount by AIVA, the RENTER can deliver the vehicle without any additional payment, with a report stating the situation of the event, without the need for a police report.


           6-) The following situations are not covered by insurance coverage;

-          Tire splits and scratches and damages on the rim.

-          The theft of the wheel cover and spare wheel.

-          Damage to equipment such as license plate and license.

-          Any damage to the vehicle not covered by the assurance.


7-) AIVA cannot be held responsible for items stolen or lost in the vehicle during the rental period.


8-) The RENTER accepts that the rented vehicle is in good condition in terms of both mechanics and bodywork and that there is no damage to the vehicle. (Except for Damages Specified in Vehicle Delivery Form)


9-) Although the RENTER accepts the damage exemption assurance, in the following cases, the RENTER accepts to cover all the damage caused in the event of damage to the rented vehicle without objection;

-          Being under the influence of Alcoholic and Drugs at the time of the accident,

-          Receiving documents and information of the other driver in the event of an accident,

-          Turkey in case of exceeding the legal speed limit within the city limits and it is stated that occur because of the speed of the boiler accident reports,

-          In the event that the police report of the accident is not prepared, the alcohol report is not received and there is an intentional accident,

-          In accidents that occur as a result of the use of the vehicle by the users who are not mentioned in the rental agreement,

-          In case the relevant minutes and reports are not delivered to AIVA Car Rental Company within 24 hours from the date and time of the accident.


10-) If the necessary measures are taken by the RENTER during the rental period of the vehicle (such as keeping the doors of the vehicle locked) and if such a situation occurs, the RENTER will be able to benefit from the Theft Assurance as long as he proves that he has taken the necessary precautions by delivering the vehicle's key and license to AIVA and notifying the relevant law enforcement authorities.


12-) Since the AIVA Car Rental Company does not manufacture the vehicle, it is not responsible for any damages that may occur due to manufacturing defects of the car or its spare parts.


13-) In case the use of the leased vehicle for commercial purposes is determined, AIVA has the right to recourse all administrative, judicial and criminal sanctions and damage to the vehicle to the RENTER.


14-) The RENTER accepts and undertakes that the vehicle cannot be leased to other persons or institutions, and that it will not be used by a person whose name is not written on the Lease Agreement and Conditions, regardless of the reason and condition.


15-) The RENTER does not consider outside Turkey's borders with the vehicle. Otherwise, all damages that may arise will be covered by the RENTER. In the event that the vehicle taken abroad without the approval of AIVA Car Rental is not returned, the vehicle price will be covered by the RENTER.


18-) Payments arising from bridges, highways and OGS - HGS toll systems will be invoiced to the RENTER by including 18% TAX.


19-) AIVA agrees to pay the amounts written on the Traffic Penalty minutes written on the rented vehicle to the relevant institutions in advance. These costs will be recourse to the RENTER. AIVA will not request early payment discounts for these fines, and AIVA has the right to request a service fee for traffic tickets.


20-) The fuel brand used in the rented vehicles is at the initiative of the RENTER and the breakdown costs arising from fuel errors will be covered by the RENTER. Oil Companies and the RENTER will be the addressee and responsible for the occurrence of fuel related problems.


21-) In the event that the person who rented the car does not comply with any article of this contract and does not return the rented vehicle at the time and date specified in the rental contract, the RENTER, AIVA Rent a Car, grants the authority to take back the vehicle without prior warning, and the damage that may occur during the return of the vehicle by AIVA and is obliged to pay the expenses. AIVA is not liable for the loss or damage of objects and items in the vehicle during recovery.


22-) AIVA will be able to terminate the agreement with the RENTER without giving any reason. Due to this termination, the RENTER accepts that he will not make any request from the AIVA Car Rental Company whatsoever. Upon termination, he agrees to immediately deliver the vehicle to the AIVA Car Rental Company. If the vehicle is not returned within 3 days from the termination of the agreement, AIVA will initiate legal action against the RENTER and the relevant authorities will be notified of the reason for the occurrence of the security offense.